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What`s new?


What`s new with the new version update?

  1. Ability to not sell items at specific locations by item and/or tag
  2. Email Templates for delivery status messages
  3. Currency exchange for receiving module
  4. Ability to add files to work orders
  5. Ability to add files to deliveries
  6. Price rules with category rules now apply to sub-categories
  7. Internal notes field now added for suppliers
  8. Can now add decimal values for variation quantities
  9. Added employee permissions for viewing receipts for suspended transactions
  10. Can now receive multiple serial numbers in bulk or by a range
  11. Reduced the size of the QR code on the receipt
  12. Changed font on barcodes to be bold
  13. Added store configuration option to disable popup for variations on receivings
  14. Fixed display bug on the receipt when showing images

18.3 Fixes & Improvements

12/15/21: Fixed issue for Saudi Arabia Digital Receipt QR code NOT having the data in the right format

12/08/21: On the customer's module, with multi-location, the location filter now only shows locations authorized for

11/29/21: Fixed display bug on customer info popup with custom fields

11/28/21: Added QR Code Format Option of Saudi Arabia Digital Receipt which has company Name, tax ID number., Invoice date, invoice amount, and tax amount on code encoded for use as a digital receipt.

11/26/21: Added QR Code Format Option of Sale Summary Info which has company Name, tax ID number., Invoice date, invoice amount, and tax amount on code. Each field is separated by a comma. The other option is a link to the receipt.

11/16/21: Fixed faulty error condition reporting for suspending the sale

11/16/21: Serial numbers now show in some receiving reports

11/16/21: The default tracking number for delivery is the sale id

11/16/21: Can now add an item to inventory when adding a serial number (By checking a box if wanted)

11/12/21: Fixed rare bug when editing a sale with store account charge to a store account payment with another customer

11/12/21: Added ability to modify modifier prices at sale time

11/12/21: Added virtual terminal support for PHP POS Payments (Powered by coreCLEAR)

11/12/21: Improved validation for additional item numbers on excel import

11/10/21: Added store config option "Default Employee For Delivery"

11/08/21: When doing a work order and adding a new customer or item during the process, it will allow you to attach the item or customer directly to the new work order

11/05/21: Fixed bug in receiving reports where receive type was showing returns also

11/03/21: Remove the recent export feature for items and customers as it uses extra storage

11/01/21: The collect payment button for work order only appears if payment is not collected

11/01/21: Work order status message now appears in all cases

10/29/21: Added store config option Disable Verification For QR Codes (Do Not Require A Phone Number Or Email) when showing QR codes on receipts

10/29/21: Including supplier name on stock alert emails

10/29/21: Fixed bug when doing a receiving where it would say you will be out of stock

10/29/21: Added ability to display custom fields on work orders main screen

10/27/21: Barcode Display Name now shows correctly for items with variations

10/22/21: Work order item now has a price set to item's selling and cost price

10/22/21: Offline mode now includes additional payment types

10/18/21: Fixed bug where PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR) could not do manual entry

10/18/21: Now allowing for disabling signatures for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/15/21: Fixed bug in automatically emailing closeout reports for multi-locations at the same time

10/14/21: Only show terminal status if offline for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/10/21: Added EBT support for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/09/21: Added item images on pdf receipt

10/07/21: Added Terminal Status for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR) and fixed display bug

10/06/21: Added store config options for re-ordering items on sales + receivings screens

10/06/21: Can override symbols for taxable and nontaxable summary

10/06/21: Can reorder receipt on receivings interface

10/06/21: Added item name to work order preview


10/06/21: Can now scan item id for work order

10/05/21: When launching a work order you can now scan UPC + product ID right away

10/02/21: Fix bug on receipt where scrolling did NOT work with signature capture

9/30/21: When we detect an error with a data cap we prompt the user to try HTTPS

9/27/21: We are now not forcing HTTP for chrome 94 or newer for EMV processing.

9/27/21: Fixed receipt style bug (No more dashes, just solid lines)

9/27/21: Improved work order receipt

9/25/21: Fixed a small bug where inventory from many locations wasn't instantly synced in Shopify

9/24/21: Fixed issue in the old version of Safari where the application would not work properly

9/23/21: Modified receipt layout to put symbols after the price

9/22/21: Made it possible to open a standalone receipt link from pos receipt

  1. Added PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR) credit card processing support
  2. Added ability to restrict employees to IP and IP ranges when accessing the system
  3. Can now upload images and files to expenses
  4. Added option to show unit quantity and name on items --> inventory page
  5. Added ability to disable modules globally

18.2 Fixes & Improvements

09/21/21: Fixed display of columns when there are multiple locations

09/21/21: Fixed issue where loyalty points could NOT be applied on import of Shopify orders as suspended

09/19/21: Added Store config option Show Image Max Width Percent On Receipt

09/09/21: Added store config option Indicate Non-Taxable on Receipt

09/09/21: Added store config options to hide various grid sections for both sales + receivings

09/09/21: Added store config option to change the offline syncing frequency (1-48 hours)

09/09/21: For SMS receipt validation we are less strict about how phone numbers typed in

09/09/21: Fixed menu display issue on deliveries module on mobile

08/31/21: Change URL format of application files

08/27/21: When importing from Shopify we now import taxable/nontaxable

08/27/21: Fixed receipt printing on iPad where sale ID was NOT visible

08/27/21: Added option Show QR Code On Sale Receipt

08/27/21: Fixed bug with sales API + Added option to hide description from suspended sales

08/26/21: We now hide descriptions on the suspended sales screen for items based on preference

08/24/21: Issue with margins on receipt printer in some cases

08/24/21: Fixed display bug where permission template link showed on customers and employees page

08/23/21: Fixed display bug with a left navigation menu on mobile


08/23/21: Fixed bug when importing Shopify orders the unit price was incorrect in some cases

  1. Improved delivery section with a new calendar view. Now also have categories and custom statuses. Can now also email/SMS customer when delivery status changes
  2. Added Layaway statements report
  3. Added View Receipt On Web Page to receipt link. This allows a standalone link to be e-mailed or sent
  4. Added store config option to import e-commerce order suspended
  5. Added store config option Show Images on Receipt
  6. Serial numbers can be tied to a variation
  7. Out of stock, item checks are now treat not set as 0
  8. Added supplier option to item grid
  9. Added predicted sale id to CardConnect
  10. Added Weight Embedded Barcodes
  11. Added permission Can lookup the last receipt
  12. Bulk delete suspended sales & Receivings
  1. Added Shopify e-commerce integration
  2. Added Work Order Module
  3. Now support secondary categories for item grid + WooCommerce
  4. Can now Remove Quantity When Suspending for custom sale types (off by default)
  5. Item subtotal before modifiers is now displayed on the receipt
  6. Added filter to suspended sales screen to filter by suspended sale type
  7. Now have a preference on which day the automatic report e-mail sends (Current day or previous day)
  8. Added non-taxable amount to Detailed Sales Report
  9. Improved inventory counting by adding search, column configuration, and minor tweaks
  10. Expenses now have their own categories
  11. Now have the ability to download recent excel exports for items and customers for up to 1 week after exported
  12. Added customer email and phone to reports –> Sales –> Detailed
  13. Added store config option Automatically Sync Offline Sales
  14. Fixed bug in reports –> custom where Item Category filter did not work in all cases
  15. Now storing non_taxable total for each sale for faster calculations
  16. Now show variation name when sales/receiving interface collapsed
  17. Added option for credit card processing to disable amount confirmation
  18. Bulk edit description and long description for items
  19. Added custom fields to reports –> deleted sales
  20. Added Delivered To in recent sales popup
  21. Added employee last name back to the receipt
  22. Fixed a bug where selecting tier after price rule applied didn't remove rule if excluded from tiers
  23. Commission now includes modifiers
  24. Added store config option Show Total On Fulfillment Sheet
  25. Added support for PHP 8
  26. Minor bug fixes & improvements


4/09/21: Changed wording on receipt for non EMV cards for CardConnect
4/08/21: Added total to parts/labor section on work order
4/07/21: Added item custom fields to the detailed sales report
4/07/21: Fixed display issue with item grid where category color didn't show when hide images in the grid were turned on
4/06/21: Fixed bug when unsuspending purchase order with a variation where selling price was not shown as correct
4/05/21: Fixed issues with woo commerce. We now look further back to sync orders (7 days). Also when syncing completed orders only, we use the order completion date as the sale date instead of the order creation date.
4/01/21: Fixed issue where cost price was shown on items summary report without permission
3/30/21: Fixed issue with e-commerce where delivery fee category could be saved more than once
3/29/21: Fixed issue on some servers where Shopify API headers could NOT be read
3/29/21: Added liter (l) and milliliter (ml) to weight unit
3/29/21: Fixed bug when suspending purchase points sale that caused points to be added before completing
3/26/21: Fixed CardConnect race condition with customer-facing display
3/24/21: Fixed spelling error in the permission templates section
3/24/21: When editing line total error/warning was not given when below cost price
3/24/21: Added Override Signature Text to store config to change the default card statement text
3/23/21: For multi-location setups, we are now displaying the company name on the receipt
3/23/21: Fixed memory leak with excel exports that wouldn't allow for large exports to complete
3/22/21: Fixed issue with where category did not display correctly for expenses reports
3/22/21: Fixed issue with font in PDF generation
3/19/21 + 3/20/21: Fixed issue where exclude from tiers for price rule didn't always work when selecting customer
3/19/21: Now displaying custom fields for work orders on work order receipt and sales receipt
3/19/21: Fixed issue where modal dialogs sometimes did NOT display
3/18/21: Print button on receiving receipt did NOT work
3/18/21: Fixed excel export but where payment type column sometimes removes currency type
3/18/21: Now display work order id
3/18/21: Fixes bug when receiving variation items with the overwritten selling price
3/18/21: Fixes language translation issues for Shopify
3/17/21: Fixes issues with dark mode for work orders and editing price of part/labor item


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