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Point Of Sale

Features of Point-of-Sale

Internal Message Control

Send, receive, inbox, send-out, and message list.

Time Clock Control

Clock in, clock out, rate, IP address, time clock request, comment request.

Appointments Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, categories, calendars, start and end appointment date, person with, employee with, notes.

Gift Cards Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Excel, Barcode, card number, description, value, customer selection, inactive mode.

Supplier Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Email, Excel Import/Export, Custom Field and Manage Deleted, supplier info, account payable balance, document upload.

Expense Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, categories, amount, payment type, tax, description, reason receipient, approved by, expense note, image upload, document upload.

Location Control

Edit, company information, email all sale to email, email all rec to email, return policy, register counter, auto email report, receive stock alert, message, email marketing, time zone.

Work Orders control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Status, Custom Field, print work order, print service tag, excel, customer, technician, part & labor, item repaired, estimation, history notes, image upload, document upload.

Receiving or Perchasing Control

Receive, return, purchase order, transfer, supplier, discount each and all, transfer request, incoming transfer, lookup last receipt, batch receive, custom field, price, and qty adjustment, multi-payment type, account payable, barcode.

Customer Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Merge, Barcode, SMS, Excel Import/Export, Custom Field and Manage Deleted, Customer Info,  internal note, Account Receivable Balance, Credit Limit, taxable, price level, document upload.

Items Kits/Group Products Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Barcode, Excel Export, Custom Field, Manage Deleted, modifiers or extra options, default selling or receiving, items included, cost, sale price, promotion price, tax, commission, default images, multi images,

Employees Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Excel, custom field, permission, login start time, login end time, price adjustment, max discount, commission, hire date, birthday, language assigned, register assigned, location assigned, document upload.

Deliveries Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, calendars, categories, status, delivery employee, ducation delivery info, in-store pickup, shipping provider, shipping method, est. shipping date and delivery date, actual shipping date and delivery date, document upload.

Sale Control

Search, Sale, return, Quotation, account receivable, customer, discount, price, qty, tax, multi-payment, price level, promotion, announcement, shift, price level, counter, register, delivery, in-store pickup, gift card, points, suspend, delivery order, search sales, batch sales, lookup receipt, customer-facing display, open cash drawer, custom field, sale person.

Promotion Price/Marketing Strategy Control

Date range promotion, Discount via Coupon Code, discount via products, group products, categories, tags, manufacturers, percent off discount, fixed of discount, limit and unlimited option,  mix and match of products, multi price breaking with qty to buy to get flat and percent of discount per items, buy x get y for free, buy x to get a price off, spend x to get a price off.

Report Control

Summary, Detail, and Graph (Appointments, Category, Closeout, Customer Report, Commission, Deleted Sales, Deliveries, Discount, Employees, Expense, Giftcards, Inventory, Product, Group Product, Manufacturers, Payments, Promotion Price, Profit and Loss, Receiving or Purchasing, Sales, Account Payable and Receivable, Suspended Sales, Tags, Taxes, Iters or Price Level, Time Clock).

Items/Products Control

Add, Edit, Deleted, Search, Filter, Barcode, Excel Import/Export, Custom Field, Manage Deleted, Count Inventory, Count Damage Inventory, Inventory List, Variation, Pricing, Inventory, Images, Serial Number, Service, Sold in Serries, Dimensions, Weight, Tag, Category, manufacturers, Alternative Products ID, Supplier, Default Qty of Selling and Receiving, Units (g, kg,m, km, case, bottle, can...), color, size, modifiers or extra options, cost, sale price, price level, price by customer, promotion price, tax, commission, reorder level, replenish level, expiration, damaged qty, adjustment stock, default images, image base on the attribute.


The company was founded in 2017 and has since grown dramatically. We are a company based in #11E, St.371, Stueng Mean Chey, Phnum Penh of Cambodia. We provide many kinds of services and products to many type of business on part of software solutions, digital sales, digital marketing, and hardwares.